Collars: Are they important?

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Let’s talk about BDSM collars. Why are they important? Why do some people wear them? Is there any message behind this type of accessory?

What is a dominant and submissive relationship?

A sub-dom relationship is a type of BDSM practice where one person is a master/mistress or dominant, while the other person is submissive. It is the most common type of power play, where the dominant partner is in charge of everything. They will decide how they want to play, what to do, and they can even punish their slaves or subs if they are not behaving.

Punishments can be anything from spanking to chastity cages and belts. Naturally, all of this is just a part of role-playing, and everything that happens in a relationship is consensual. The sub will agree to what they are comfortable doing, and the dom will respect their boundaries. A submissive role can be quite complex, and they need to be comfortable and relaxed. The punishment, humiliation, and everything else involved is part of role-playing.

What’s the big deal with collars?

One part of the power dynamic between the couples is that the submissive person often wears a dog collar. It is a sign of commitment, and it can be a lot more serious than you can imagine. For some people, accepting a collar is similar to accepting an engagement ring. At the same time, the sub will show their “ownership” through the accessory, and it will signal to other doms that they are in a committed relationship.

At the same time, there are people who wear the collar as a simple accessory. For them, the collar has the same purpose as a choker or any other necklace. Naturally, someone who is in the bondage and discipline type of relationship won’t ever confuse the two since their partner will ensure that they are on the same page.

What are the stages of collaring?

Those that enjoy wearing a collar with meaning often have different ones representing various stages of a relationship.

The first type of collars is the Collar of Consideration, and it is the first step towards a serious relationship. Commonly, there is a time limit for this collar, and the person will wear it for a certain amount of time. After that, they can either renew it, move their relationship to the next stage, or go their separate ways.

The next step after consideration can often be a Training Collar. This one shows that the couple is willing to go further and that the dominant is willing to “train” their partner. Finally, a person can “earn” a Slave Collar, which means that the dominant partner accepts them as their slave, and it usually implies a long-term relationship.

This collar often goes by the name formal, and it shows bond and attachment. The couple has the same goals, and it represents trust, commitment, and respect. It is a symbolic way to show other people how they feel about each other, and it is similar to wearing a wedding ring.

What are the different kinds of collars?

At the same time, there are collars that are used for different types of play. These are different from the ones mentioned before, and they serve a purpose other than showing stages of a relationship.

One example is Posture Collars, which are rigid toys placed around the neck. The idea behind them is to restrict the movement and force a person to stay in a specific position keeping their posture.

There is also a Collar of Protection. These are used to show that the person is in a relationship and that someone is protecting them. Usually, people wearing this type of collar have been in a rough relationship, and they need to feel safe. They will wear it as long as they feel like it, and there are no time restraints.

Almost everyone who is into BDSM has a play collar. These are used during scenes, and a person can wear them in addition to their permanent collar (if they wear one). The last one is the Day Collar, and it is designed to be worn with everyday clothes. A person can wear it outside without fearing that someone will assume something. A Day Collar is usually the choice when wearing a regular one would be inappropriate.

Do you have to get one?

No. There is nothing in BDSM that is mandatory. You don’t have to do anything. But you should keep in mind that a collar and leash represent something to so many people out there. If you are in a vanilla relationship, you might struggle to understand the symbolism behind it. That doesn’t mean that wearing a collar is pointless.

BDSM couples are just like any other couple, and each of them is different. Some might like the symbolism and ideas behind collars, and they will want to wear them. For others, it is something they’d rather avoid. It all depends on what they are into and what makes them happy, which is the only thing that matters.

Things to consider

The most important part of BDSM relationships is communication. You and your partner need to be honest with each other, and that’s the only way to avoid conflict. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you love wearing collars or that you’d like to skip it.

Of course, if you do decide to get one for yourself, go for the cheapest but high-quality model. The lovegasm website is one of the best sites that sells sex toys and collars because they don’t want you to wear something uncomfortable for a long time.

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