How to properly lubricate your vibrating butt plugs

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Want to diversify your intimate life, but don’t know how? Bored with long boring monotonous monotonous sex, but, afraid to admit it to a partner? Your problems with ease will help to solve an intimate accessory, which will certainly appeal to you and your partner. The leading place in the rating of such accessories is occupied by a vibrating butt plug, capable of awakening in each previously unknown incredible palette of feelings.

Why choose vibrating butt plug?

It so happened anatomically that there is a large number of nerve endings on the mucous membrane of the anus. With the excitement of these endings, you can achieve a stunning orgasm. Thanks to this, anal sex is so popular in the world. But in order to achieve orgasm and obtain these unforgettable feelings, preparation of the sphincter muscles is necessary. In this, an anal plug with vibration happens to be just the right fit. A drop-like shape allows this sex toy to easily penetrate the anus. Due to the fact that the rectum gets used to this accessory over time, anal caresses will not give you pain or discomfort.

If you are a connoisseur of special pleasures, you certainly need a vibrating butt plug. The product, in various shapes and sizes, is made of silicone or cyber leather. Even the most experienced user of anal toys will run their eyes from the variety of shapes of this accessory. It can realistically imitate the phalos, be in the form of a drop or balls that happen to be interconnected by a partition. In addition, the product may have a special relief or notches, for a more vivid impression of its use. In the assortment of colors, products can also be lost. You can get from a neutral transparent, truly girlish pink, and to a matte black product. It is worth remembering the difference between a butt plug with a pulsating effect and vibrator of the anus, since each product has its own purpose.

If the sleeve happens to be designed to arouse a partner and add piquancy to erotic games, then the vibrator performs the function of a full-fledged sexual intercourse.

Characterization of a throbbing butt plug

Typically, batteries are used for anal plugs. But elite models can be charged from the network using a USB cable. You can control the device using the buttons located on it, or using the remote control, which is very convenient for turning on / off the device, adjusting the speed and vibration mode. In addition, technological progress in our time has come to the point that your partner can remotely control a new generation product using a mobile application.

Which is very convenient if you are at a distance, is not it?

To extend the period of use of the product, it happens to be necessary to keep the electronics of the device away from the place of possible water ingress on it and not leave it unattended.

It uses to be also necessary to use high-quality anal lubricants, which can be purchased in online store along with the product. Other products that often replace the grease can adversely affect the surface of the product, leading to its rapid deterioration.

Instructions for butt plug.

Before using the butt plug, it is necessary to make the right choice in a sex shop, if necessary resorting to the help of a consultant. If before this the anus had no acquaintance with sex toys, then it is better to start by stopping on a small traffic jam. For a comfortable and painless penetration during the first anal practices, it is better to choose a product made of soft silicone or latex. Do not immediately chase large sizes in search of new sexual sensations. An excessively large diameter sex toy threatens with microtraumas and fissures of the rectum.

Before using the anal plug, it is necessary to relax the anal opening as much as possible. This can be done by a partner with stroking and caressing the tongue. It is worth remembering high-quality hydration, because the anus does not emit natural lubrication. Therefore, the cork must be lubricated in sufficient quantity with a water-based lubricant. It is worth introducing the cork smoothly, gently and gradually, controlling the sensations. It is necessary to avoid sudden movements and the introduction of cork immediately on the entire length. Butt plugs are not designed for translational movements, like a dildo. It happens to be recommended to place the toy in the anus and enjoy the feeling of fullness.

If the butt plug is used to expand the anus before anal sex, then you needs to hold it for some time, get used to the feeling of being inside the subject. You can also use the butt plug with vaginal contact. Finding a plug in the anus while inserting the penis into the vagina will enhance sexual sensations.

The instruction for anal plug happens to recommend making use of the product with grease. It is best to use a butt plug lubricated with a lubricant based on water or silicone. But using greases on a fatty, vegetable basis, cosmetic creams, oils, petroleum jelly is not the best solution, because this can cause discomfort and lead to the destruction of the integument of the product.

Proper utilization is needed

The use of butt plugs also requires compliance with a number of hygiene recommendations. Before making use of the toy, it is best to make an enema, rinse the anus. The plug after purchase and before each use must be washed with warm water and soap. It is best to use the butt plug with a condom on it. You cannot enter a sex toy into the vagina immediately after anal penetration, since the incompatibility of the microflora of the rectum and vagina can lead to infectious inflammation. In this case, after each penetration, the products must be thoroughly washed. Carefully executed instructions for butt plug will be the key to a comfortable and pleasant application. Another important thing is to make yourself familiar on how to properly use different butt plugs like vibrating butt plugs from loveplugs, so make sure to read the details.

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