Weird Sex Toy Designs Ever Created

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Vibrators are sexy. There is no doubt about it. But, if you have been using the toy for a very long time, it’s natural to look for a change. But then, you certainly don’t want to compromise on the “buzz” pleasure. Are you craving to try out something slightly different from regular vibrators yet without hampering the amazing sensation of a true vibrator? Much to your pleasure, the adult toy market has come up with a niche selection of vibrators that will surely make your head turn. The post below offers a brief on some of the weird-looking vibrators that will leave you in awe.

Cat Paw Pussy Myah Vibrator

Would you like some feline vibe in your kink play sessions? Well, if you have a thing for kitty fun, this Paw Pussy vibrator would be an amazing thing for you. It’s cute, it’s funny and it also pampers you with a super powerful buzz. Mention must be made of its soft furry body that can drive you crazy with an awesome clit stimulation. The cool part is the toy looks less of a vibrator and more of a stylish accessory. You may easily clip it to your tote and go around the town in all your glory.

Middle Finger Vibrator

This is the ideal sex toy to show a “middle finger” to all the unreasonable stigmas and taboos that are re-enforced on sex toy like vibrators. The toy is actually designed in the shape of a hand with raised middle finger topped by a bulbous head. You can gauge from the description itself that it’s the middle finger which is your buzzy friend here. Thanks to its unique design, the toy gives the vibe that you are being fingered by your man. So, if you are missing your partner and his touch, this toy would help to fill the gap to some extent.


Have you ever fantasized shoving some corn down under? There is nothing abnormal about it. Some people do have fantasies about having sex on farms. Well, this Cornbrator will be your ideal toy to fulfil all your farm fantasies. Aptly named, this vibrator is shaped ideally like a peeled corn. And how good is it for the buzz play? In regards to the buzz factor, this toy is a winner hands down. Users have also raved about its corn beads at the sides that take stimulation to a whole new level.

Forbidden Fruit Massager

Aptly named, the toy sends a thrill down under right from its. It’s the “Apple” that started the whole game in the first place. And to have it under means a different kind of sensation altogether. Don’t go by its little size. The Forbidden Fruit promises to sweep you to the seventh heaven of ecstasy with as many as 7 vibration patterns and 5 different settings.

Emojibator Banana

Bananas are a very suggestive fruit. How about having a banana shaped vibrator in your arsenal? Cool, right? You bet.

Well, this petite banana is just the thing to bring you’re your banana fantasy to reality. Made of silicone, the toy is absolutely body-safe, extremely comfortable and a breeze to use. And of course, you have a fantastic player that will surely level up your “O” game. The toy lets users to choose from as many 10 vibe settings, just as per their moods and level. Besides, the toy is waterproof. So, if you are in the  mood to go all banana in your shower, this is the toy for you.

Last but not the least, the toy carries a solid 1-year warranty.

Pave Grace

Would you love a bejeweled look on your vibrator? It could be that you have always wished to use a fancy one for your special occasions, like your birthday or your anniversary. There are embellished butt plugs with jewels at the base but you don’t usually find such options with vibrators. However, Babeland has come up a new silicone vibrator which is beautifully adorned with crystals. Titled “Pave Grace”, the toy is a lovely ergonomically-shaped silicone buzz which assures both style and stimulation with its slim shape and satiny smooth buzz head. The toy promises a solid 40-minutes of high-speed vibration in 2-hours charge. In regards to buzz settings, you will be able to choose from 7 kinds of vibration settings. Not only that, each setting comes with 5 independent speeds.

The toy is completely waterproof and can be cleaned easily with water and mild soap.


Have you already experimented with rabbit vibrators and looking for something different this time? How about having a penguin for a change? Is it really possible to get something like that? Well, the Satisfyer Penguin is just what you have wished for here. Beautifully shaped as a petite penguin, the toy looks even cuter with a tiny bow.

Apart from its adorable looks, the toy also stands out with its advanced Superpower technology that enables hands-free enjoyment. The toy is made from silicone and you won’t have to worry about safety as well as the comfort level here. In fact, thanks to its cutesy looks, you can even gift the toy to your bestie if she too is looking for a different vibrator.

Final words

So, you have quite an exhaustive list here. Each of the toys mentioned here carries its own unique appeal and fun factor. However, be careful when you are trying an unusual toy for the sake of going different. Make sure to get your chosen toy from a reputed adult toy store only. The toy should have been in the market for quite a while. This assures two things. One, the toy has stood the test of time. The other, when a toy has been around the market for some time, it will naturally fetch reviews and testimonials from customers. This way, you will find an avenue to gauge the worth of the toy before using it.

Finally, you should also be very careful about the mode of operation of the toy before using it. Do not invest in any toy which is too difficult to operate for you.

If you feel a bit conservative on the designs of your precious vibrators, you can always rely on lg for familiar yet great product selections.


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